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Can my electronic scales be fixed?


The other day when I needed to measure something in a hurry my Salter electronic scales (Model # 2006) refused to give a reading because the battery was low so I hit it with my fist. Later I replaced the batteries and now when I turn it on it briefly shows the correct display of 0g but then changes to Err (presumably denoting error). It's a cheap scales so I wasn't to surprised that I had broken it. Upon opening it however I am surprised at its construction and I am now wondering how exactly it can be broken. See the attached photos, it looks to me like it is based on taking a voltage measurement across a block of some special (piezo-electric ?) material, so there is no spring or any mechanical part that can be over-stretched or broken. The force from the item being weighed will be concentrated where the arrow is shown in scale1.jpg, this end of the bar is unsupported but it is held firmly in place at the other end by two screws. So I assume the force causes the bar to bend slightly which in turn generates some sort of signal across the horizontal cavity in the bar which is sensed by the 6 wires (3 on top 3 on bottom of the bar). Given that the display always reads 0g briefly I don't believe that any of the electronic connections can have been broken. So does anyone know how exactly a scale like this works ? Is it permanently broken or are there any suggestions as to how I might correct the problem of permanently reading 'Err' .





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Did you check the circuit board? Given that it's cheap, there is probably a cold solder joint.


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Chuck it out mate

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