Speaker for music / ringtones / alarm / notifications inoperative 22-f

Motorola and Republic moto g 3 date 22 feb 2016

no speaker sound for music/ringtones/alarm / notifications

must use headphones . This is my second phone within 5

days from republic . I send them my defective new phone

and they send me a defective used phone " same problem"

Both republic and motorola did not fess up to a design issue

with this !!!!! phone " the symtom is quite simple and easy

for even the layman to understand " customer support "

Both motorola and republic were contacted for assistance ...

The method used to get sound from this defective phone

was lay it face down on my stomach and tap the back with

my finger . Now " temporarily it works " This is not a solution

I would be willing to join a class action lawsuit .

easy test to see if you have the problem with your new cell

moto g3 is use the mp3 player to play a song . lay a paper towel

down on a hard flat surface with the cell glass face down against

the towel . Then tap lightly the back of the cell with a spoon .

bang the music came on / speaker connection was vibration sensitive

The phone works in every way , but in order to hear anything you

have to plug in headphones ....

Will have a phone call with republics team lead tomorrow

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