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My SSD is not recognized!

Hello this is my first forum post ever. (My main computer is a Vaio Laptop and I have a desk external HDD.) I am posting because I was gifted a MacBook Pro 2006 non-unibody A1150 Core Duo 1.86 (not a Core 2 Duo).

My boss didn't want it and my wife wanted a Mac just to do simple school work on and I wanted one because I am a geek.

He said the battery exploded (expanded). I can see evidence of the battery expansion from slight damage on the lower case near where it closes. It came with no hard drive and the optical "SuperDrive" was removed as was the RAM.

So first thing I did spur of the moment was buy a "SanDisk SSD Plus" 240gb I saw in Best Buy. I don't need the best one because granted this generation MBP has SATA I-1.5Gbit/s so it won't take advantage of the SATA III- 6Gbit/s the SSD has. 300 MB/s write speed is fine I imagine since I will max-out/bottleneck at 130 MB/s or so anyhow. But compared to the 25 MB/s or so of 5400rpm HDD which I'm used to this will be nice.

Sorry for ranting. I just prefer to say as much now so I answer least questions later.

So I immediately purchased a power supply, battery, and the 2 GB, Max RAM for this machine.

Before it all arrived in the mail, I installed the optical drive and hard drive. Followed by properly preparing a USB boot drive with snow leopard on it. Once my power supply, battery and RAM arrive I installed it and boot it up to find I have a snow leopard install disk in the optical drive my boss left me as well.

Now I went to install snow leopard and HERE IS THE PROBLEM:

The new SSD isn't recognized. I came to the understanding that I had to format it with Disk Utility so I went to Disk Utility and what do you know IT DIDN'T SHOW UP THERE EITHER. So I started reading all types of forums.

I first thought it was the difference of SATA III and SATA I not being backwards compatible but I soon learned that they are cuz I saw video and read about others who installed a SSD on same computer and the SSD was using SATA II.

So then, I was almost positive it was my hard drive cable because SSDs essentially are more sensitive to a BAD cable then HDDs are. Many people who work in shops said it could be that cuz they said it most often times is the problem and for a lot of people that seemed to work.

After that I read it could even be a firmware problem or an EFI 1.6 or 1.7 thing/problem...idk?! what is that?!

Nor do I know about TRIM and if that applies.

So I don't have another spare HDD laying around or anything. I could acquire one if needed. I just am looking for a solution. What do I do?

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Sadly you are facing a SATA speed issue here. Lets review the specs for this SSD: SanDisk SSD Plus If we look at the Interface line we can see the drive is a fixed SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) drive. for the sake of argument lets look at a different SSD: Samsung 850 EVO. If look at its interface line, this drive has auto sense technology so it will work across all three SATA specs.

You'll need to get a drive (HD or SSD) that is able to work with a SATA I (1.5 Gb/s) system. To get this system running.

Update (02/25/2016)

Backwards compatibity is a common misconception!

Think of it this way a newer PC/Mac system can support an older drive device. It can't support a newer spec'ed device as the system has no clue on how it works! Now let's throw in the monkey wrench here, some devices ARE designed to be backwards compatible! This gets into the fine print of the spec sheet.

As I've pointed out the Samsung drive has auto sense. So you'll either need to find a FIX'ed SATA I speed SSD or find one that is able to be set to SATA I, or get one that can sense what the system needs (auto sense).

Update (02/25/2016)

So using your bootable drive (your grey OS install CD) from the menu you'll need to access Disk Utility to delete the current FAT32 volume and create a GUID partition map with a new partition. Once done you'll then need to run the OS installer to install the OS. If Disk Utility can't see the drive you have either a SATA cable problem or the logic board has a problem as well here.

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So how do I know which SSD have this interface line or a type of "auto-sense" technology and which do not?

Any recommendations?


Also I thought they were 100% backwards compatible (per the forums lol). Have you ever had that issue before?


I just bought that Samsung Evo 850 240gb and it doesn't work(same problem not recognizing) . So whatever auto sense you are speaking of isn't on it or something else is wrong. Please help!


I test a regular HDD from another laptop and not recognized either. I will now order a hard drive cable.


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If you plan to use it on a Mac, it has to be initialized using Disk Utility. However,

Mac's can't recognize the SSD because it has to be connected using a SATA port,

not on a USB port using an adaptor. Turn off the computer, turn it back "on", and

your Mac will tell you that the Drive needs to be initialized, and just follow the


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SOLVED : SSD SATA III working in Optical Drive now.

I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011) - 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7.

I have a EVO 850 SSD as main drive and a 500 GB HDD in "Optical Drive", But it was taking too much battery/ too much noise. I put a new Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA III SSD in optical drive. For some reason it was not working. After reading some post , I realized that my caddy is not SATA III compatible. So I clicked on the link provided

It looked exactly like my previous caddy but something inside, a chip or something is new. Make sure seller is "HIGHFINE".

NOTE : After installing new Caddy in optical drive with SSD Sata III, I started computer and was able to see SSD in DISK UTILITY. I initialized/ formatted it. BUT drive was showing in some weird small size. I restarted Laptop and it came on FINE.

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