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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Is there a simple fix to make my usb ports work again?

Neither of my two USB ports recognise anything I plug into them.

I have tries a pRAM reset and a SMC reset to no avail.

From time to time an internal warning sign pops up telling me to unplug USB (although nothing is physically connected) due to overloading. (I think the exact wording is "unplug device using too much power to enable USB")

I have had a look inside and I can see no damage, but I am a layman.

Can YOU see anything strange?

Is there anything I could tweak to get them working again?

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Sorry no easy fix here ;-{

If you had no power to the USB ports then I could see a burnt fuse issue. But, in this case your USB controller logic is damaged. This will require some deep skills to diagnose what on the logic board is damaged.

Do you remember what happened here? I suspect you plugged in a device which is powered that blew your logic board. Do double check what you plugged in as it could damage your system again or some other system here.

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I have decided to replace the logic board with a 2nd hand one. However, there seem to be two reference numbers for the same model computer.

Is there likely to be much difference? How do I find the reference number of my original? Any comments gratefully received. Thanks.


There are two different versions of the same logic board based on the CPU's clock speed 2.26 GHz or 2.4 GHz. You might want to get the faster one, otherwise they are the same.


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