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An Android OS tablet that is capable of taking photos and videos, navigating the web, and downloading applications for users to enjoy while using the tablet. Model Number : T7X

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Why won’t my device charge when I plug it into my computer?

I'm using the micro USB cord and the tablet refuses to charge and stays at zero percent.

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Hello, Garven! Many other users have reported the same issue when attempting to charge the device using the micro-USB port. I recommend using the port for the provided AC Adapter. If you would like more information, please visit the Tagital T7X troubleshooting page.

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A computer is really unable to provide the proper power in order to charge a phone let alone a tablet. The average tablet requires 2.1amps to charge it correctly. The average computer usb port can push out .5amps if usb 2.0 or 1amp if usb 3.0. I recommend charging the tablet with the provide usb cable adapter.

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