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Released September 14, 2012, Apple's EarPod headphones are a new revision to their iconic white headphones. Model number: MNHF2AM/A.

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iPhone earpod jack fix

I dropped my iPhone with the EarPods connected and when I unplugged the audio jack I noticed it was slightly bent. I now have to wiggle it a bit to get sound from the right side. I've got my old EarPods lying around that have a good jack but no sound on the left side due to a little water damage. I was wondering if I can replace the jack by soldering the wires from my old EarPods? Will this work? I don't want to buy a new audio jack and solder that on (seems like a pain in the ass)

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I'm pretty handy with an iron, but I would't try that repair because wires are so very thin and trying to solder them without shorting them is sure gonna be a pain not worth the effort vs. the price of new original or compatible EarPods.

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