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Released October 2003 and can be identified by model number 3DDFT51. Dell DJ possesses the unique style and functionality one would expect from the iPod's cool grandma.

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Why are my buttons staying pressed in?

Whenever I press a button, it stays down for a moment as if it's stuck. Eventually it pops back out, but this greatly affects the functioning of my Dell DJ.

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This can be an issue easily remedied!! Your device could need to be repaired but most likely needs a good cleaning. First visit our troubleshooting page for information. Then visit our repair page ( top button -- front button ) for detailed instructions on how to clean and or repair your sticky button issue.

Image Dell DJ Front Panel Buttons


Dell DJ Front Panel Buttons Replacement

Difficulté :


15 minutes

Image Dell DJ Top Panel Buttons


Dell DJ Top Panel Buttons Replacement

Difficulté :


10 minutes

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Please don't give a link no one can look at!


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