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no sound from car speakers

i have a 2008 buick enclave. i get no sound thru my speakers but the radio & nav system turns on and seems to be working. what happened is the sound system was turned off while driving i hear a thumping/knocking noice coming from the top of the dash where the center speaker is. is lasted for a few seconds then stopped.i puled over cause i thought it was the engine or something , not the sound system since it wasn't turned on at the time. when i turned on radio it lite up but no sound. checked the fuse and it was ok

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Is it a aftermarket head unit? Installed buy a qualified sparky?


no not after market. who is qualified sparky?


This is exactly what has happened to my 2015 Buick Enclave. Did you find a fix?


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sounds like the power amp chip went out. I would make sure no shorts in speaker wires together or to the car chassis. good source for car stereo parts.

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Sounds like the car's amplifier has gone bad.

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