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The late 2005 Power Mac G5 was introduced in October, and discontinued in August the next year. There were three configuration options, one dual core processor at 2.0 GHz, one dual core at 2.3 GHz with model number A1177, and one dual core dual processor (quad core) at 2.5 GHz.

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Is it possible to upgrade a PowerMAc to the newer Intel Processors?

I have a good Power Mac G5 Quad that I'm happy with. But it seems every software now needs the INTEL Mac. Can I upgrade the old system instead of buying a whole new one?

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Sadly, no.

PPC and Intel are not at all interchangeable. The closest you could manage would be gut the case and make a hackintosh, by finding an intel logic board that would fit inside (may not even be possible).

My advice is to keep using the old software as long as you can. Look for backward compatible versions of newer software.

You should look for a good deal on an Intel Mac you can max out the ram on (should be cheaper than getting a new box). Also upgrading CPUs are not simple DIY tasks, lots of dismantling of the machine involved, and limits as to what OS runs on what board/processor.

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+ agreed


Apple and upgrades don't generally fit in the same sentence together, regardless of the device. Good advice, machead3. +


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No. You'd have to rip out the entire logic board / "motherboard".

It makes a beautiful (yet expensive) doorstop.

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