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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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Why my firewall service keep s showing up

My blu STUDIO 5.0 C wile using it firewall service keeps popping up

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Hi, What Anti Virus / Internet Security app is or have you installed in your phone? Does the firewall service popup show any 'brand' names in the message e.g. Norton Firewall Service detected the following....?


Well I running avg an no it only pops up an say firewall service now an again it says holorluncher loading


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It may be that it is only doing what it's supposed to be doing, that is blocking unwanted access to or from your phone.

Open the app and see if in the 'settings' for the app whether you can turn off any messages. At least that way it won't annoy you when it does its' functions.

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