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Released in 2010, the Flip Mino HD is a pocket-sized camcorder with 4 GB and one hour of shooting capacity.

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flip Mino not comming on

I was charging the Flip Mino with a power bank and now it cant come on but it is showing a red continuous led

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If your Flip Mino is model M2120 , the 8GB unit a little sneaky trick to make it start charging again, using a high power USB charger and extension cord, put it in the freezer on charge, after a few hours of this check on it, to see if anything is happening. The unit will flash the screen and beep, the screen shows a "charging paused as it is really cold", I know it sounds ridiculous but it does, owing to a safety charging program to prevent charging Li-ion batteries when its too cold is built into the unit, the change in battery resistance will sometimes restart the charging cycle. Strange as it seems this only works with the M2120 unit and the Flip Slide as they both have this charging program built into the software, When it wakes up take it out without unplugging it and let it warm up and fully charge.

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Thank you I put the Flip Mino in the freezer on charge for a few hours and then whilst still on charge let it warm up as you suggested. It worked. I thought I may have burnt the house down or electrocuted myself but this didn't happen and now I don't have to throw the camera away as it is too hard to source a new battery. Thank you once again.



I too have to thank you! I read your answer about restarting my Flip Mino by putting it into the freezer and thought it was crazy but I thought that I had nothing to lose (and everything to gain!). So I tried it and sure enough You Are a Genius! I know that this camera is old and should be replaced by I wanted to get it started from my young grandkids to use it. Now they can take their own videos!!

Thanks for your info!




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