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Sorti le 25 septembre 2015. Modèle A1687/A1634. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle des versions précédentes et nécessite tournevis et outils pour faire levier. Disponible en GSM et CDMA / 16, 64 ou 128 Go / Argent, Or, Gris sidéral ou Or rosé.

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Front camera or earpiece don't work


I changed the logo on my iphone 6s pls to liht up, but after i assembled everything works great but now the earpiece or front facing camera do not work. The proximity sensor does work when i hover over the screen it does go black in a call but i cannot hear anyone.

I am really not sure what happened but I did do a dfu restore and still no avail on fixing it. Is it possible the flex cable for the camera and ear piece has been shorted out needing to be replaced? I really am hoping I didn't damage a component on the logic board, but I did not touch any of the components when installing this led light mod.

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Anyone have an answer to this post?


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First off, that's a pretty heavy mod for a non-professional. You should be impressed with yourself despite the camera/earspeaker problem! I think what most likely happened is that the flex cable that holds those two and the proximity sensor probably got knicked. Just in case though, remove the screen again (ALWAYS disconnect the battery from the board before touching anything else), and take a look at the FPC connector on the motherboard where that flex cable plugs in under a microscope. It's the bottom one of the three horizontals. Confirm that all the pins are present and straight. Before you reconnect the screen, make sure all the connectors are flat on the end of the flexes. They have a tendency to bow and lose connection. If you have more questions just respond, I'll be glad to help

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i've done many of these mods before and didn;t do this. I did make sure but i believe it was shorted out by the light mod. the connector was not touched when doing this light mod


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