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The Samsung HLM or HLN series is a line of projection televisions.

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Why won't my tv show picture and my bulb is still ok?

What should I look at if my bulb is still good and the screen is still black?

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Update (03/21/2016)

Samsung Slim DLP model#: HL-T46758, there is also another number on the front: BP68-00633A I'm not sure what that one is exactly tho. No lights or any kind of picture show up. I've checked the color wheel, bulb, and today I took out all the back electronics, so the inverter which has all the plug in ports connected and the projector part where the bulb connector, color wheel, ballast, and fans are located. The wire in the bulb is still in tact and the color wheel is just fine. I'm thinking it might possibly be the ballast that's the only place I see that is a little abnormal. On the board next to the black box component are 3 resistors. 2 are in a vertical line and the other is across from them by it's self. I believe they are called C1-C3. The two that are by eachother look kinda worn and board a little white around them. The tv has been serviced before and the other resistor looks newer like it's been replace already.

Update (03/21/2016)

Also the cables that connect to the bulb housing look a little fried I'm taking it to my work today to get a better look inside.

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MMKP82 912J600. the caps that failed say 82n 400v that's all I could get off them.


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Logan Winward the caps are older and probably original, but they do not look like they both failed. If you had a "catastrophic failure" on your ballast you could tell be the damage on the caps. You are talking some major DC voltage. Most common issue with your series TV, if you have a black screen (Voice Output) or a black screen with the lamp on it's your DMD board which has failed. Currently looking for the schematic of the ballast to see what caps those are.

Update (04/06/2016)

Logan Winward, CN803 sends signals to the ballast and CN101 receives the power source from the Main board and communicates with the I2C. So check pin19 on CN101 for 5V DC if you do not have it your DMD board has failed. Check pin 1 of CN803 for 5V (peak-to-peak) so you will have differences. No voltage, replace your DMD board.

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The power source board supplies DC220v - 400v directly to the ballast in order to light the lamp. Check whether the 330V DC (CN801 on SMPS) power is supplied to the ballast. If it does not, you know you are having a power board issue.

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