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Modèle A1297 / Processeur Core 2 Duo à 2.66, 2.8, 2.93 ou 3.06 GHz

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Spilled Water on MacBook Pro. Now Backlight won't turn on.

So I was in my usual crowded workspace and I set my drink down near the computer like I always do, but it it tipped over onto some of the screen and the top left part of the keyboard. I quickly tipped it over to get all the liquid off and the screen went black. I panicked and rubbed all the liquid off with a towel, then turned it off with the button. After that I hear what sounded like the fan inside going really fast then a little dimmer then stop. It did this a couple times then it went really fast for a good 5 minutes. I didn't know if I should turn it off again or what but It eventually stopped. I let it sit for a good 15 minutes, but got anxious and turned it on. Praying that it wasn't broken I hear the apple sound and then the blue screen...and I make a sigh of relief, but then the screen went black. I noticed later that the screen wasn't completely black, but it looked like just the backlight wasn't on, and I could barely make out everything. I would take it in to get it repaired, but I'm broke. Is there anyway to easily fix it or am I Sol?

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Electrons and H20 don't mix

you more than likely shorted (fried) parts inside by not immediately opening and removing the battery.

The WORST thing you can do after a liquid spill is turn the unit on. The SECOND WORST THING is force air (hot or cold) into/through it. By dry I mean days with a desiccant (silica, rice, pasta)packed around it.

What should I do after I spill liquid on/in my device

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