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L'Asus Transformer Book T100TA est une tablette hybride Windows 8.1 .

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I can't unlock my Asus Transformer book

My sister put a new picture password on my computer and it has stopped working. When I swipe the screen and put in the password, the screen comes back down.

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If there isn't anything important on it then you could do a Windows 8.1 Factory restore, that might give you back your system.

Use the following steps to reset Windows:

From the login screen, click the power icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

While holding Shift, click Restart.

Click Troubleshoot.

Click Reset Your PC.

Click Next.

The system will reboot and begin Preparing to Reset the PC.

At the Reset your PC screen, click Just remove my files.

Click Reset.

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mine keeps saying there was a problem resetting your PC


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my screen tablet pin can not open it

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Thank you thank you thank you! I was at a real loss and at my Wit's End and even on the phone with Asus and I followed the instructions exactly I happen to have the USB but I paid 50 bucks for I think a year ago so I got it out and did the instructions and thus far it's completely set up new out-of-the-box thank you so much.

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Having same issue. When I tried to reset, it keeps asking for administrator password which I can’t remember

I have used bootable USB stick, USB DVD ROM yet the system could not boot from either of the two.

I have also removed the Hard Drive and power on the tablet, it still boot to windows without the Hard disk which made me to suspect that the OS was programmed in a chip.

Please, any idea to how to recover or remove the password will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

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While on login screen press power button and hold then at same time press and hold power up button. This should take you to Booting Options where you would want to choose system restore option where you can then follow directions.


If the pc turn on, enter in the cmd. then go to the disk c:

type: cd windows , later type cd system32. Finally type: net users its appear all the users of this pc.

c:windows/system32/ net users "the name of the user" *

sudenly appear the option to change the password of any of the users.

I hope this information will be useful for you, in my own experience I solve the problem.


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When I hold the shift key and restart, then go to any of the options and click, the T100 chi just shuts down

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