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The ZTE Speed is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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Why won't my phone charge?

I am having trouble charging my phone and i don't know why it won't charge?

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First, check that the charging chord is not damaged in any way. If the chord is unbroken, check the contacts at the end of the chord for burn marks. If there are burn marks on the contacts, then the charger has short circuited and will need to be replaced. If the contacts are in good shape, then check the phones charger port. Make sure it is clear of any debris. If you see debris in the port, such as lint, use a needle-like object to remove the debris from the port. If none of the above apply and your phone does not charge, then the battery is faulty and the phone will need to be replaced as the battery is embedded into the motherboard.

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First check that the caring unit is correctly installed into the wall and phone. If the problem still persist try taking the battery out and powering on again. If this still doesn't work it would be best to replace the connection of the charging unit.

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