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Looking for advice for adhesive

Hi there

I am looking for someone to advise me what adhesive to use when replacing Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD digitizer without frame.

I know there is plenty of adhesive on the market for them but I don't know how good they are.

Thank you in advance

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i use oca adhesive sheets for all screen replacements. you need to cut it into strips to size but so far its the best solution i have found as it never lifts afterwards. its a bit tricky to work with but its worth the trouble. it bonds the digitizer to the frame very well and is thin enough so as not to leave the screen standing proud of the frame. i have also used b700 glue for frames with very thin edges to bond too. the oca is hard to work with when it needs to be cut very thin.

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Do you have a link for the oca sheet... where to buy or exact type.


i buy them on ebay. you can get a pack of 50. or just buy them on there own


Can this same OCA be used for replacing the adhesive holding the rest of the Galaxy S6 together? Is there something better to use to replace the normal adhesive strips in the phone? To make my question easier to understand, I'm replacing the charging/USB Daughter board on my S6 Edge and I'm trying to find adhesive to use to replace the adhesive inside the phone


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