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The a7 is a camera released by the Sony Corporation in December 2013. Sony occasionally refers to this product by its model number: ILCE-7

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Is it possible to change the low passe filter of sony A7?

I bought a A7 for a very (very) good price but the low pass filter has been a little bit scratched ! (i knew it before buy it of course)

Is the A7 low pass filter easy to change? I found the piece on ebay, but i don't want to make a mistake.

I am a french cad designer, and i may have some knowledge witch can help i hope?

I can't found a user manuel or drawing for opening this camera..

Thank's for advance for your answer :)

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Hello !

Thank's for your response!

The problem is that i am a french guy living in Paris.. That appears complicated to send the camera in US to repair it! (or you told me this to contact the company and ask them for buying just the old filter they keep after convert other camera ?)

My english is not so good, sorry :)

My question here was to find some guide, drawing for taking down the camera without mystakes!

Maybe is like the A7S ?


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I know a number of companies modify the A7 series of cameras, i.e.: Life Pixel, Hutech, etc. I'm sure they have all the original filters in a pile somewhere?


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