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People are green in picture

Tv has green on screen. Mostly the people are green and everything else is fine. Sometimes it's other items that are green but mostly the people. What can I do?

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This is a problem typical of the NTSC color TV transmission system used in the US.

Your TV set should have a TINT or HUE control. Adjust it so that skin tones look normal.

The control is probably somewhere in the set's Setup Menu, consult the owner's manual of your particular set for information on how to access it.

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We already tried the tint & it didn't help. It was working fine an hour before this started. We tried unplugging to reset but that didn't help either. I keep reading about capacitors . Does anyone think that would help?


Depends. Faulty capacitors can cause lots of different problems, and in fact certain capacitors are among the few components in today's electronics that are prone to wear.

However figuring out and correcting this type of problems is not a beginner's job.


Hi, What input are you using to view screen, Antenna, HDMI, Component Video etc? If you can try viewing a DVD or camera pictures etc (using whatever input type) to see what the picture is like.


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