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The NP-N150-JPB1US is a multi-touch pad laptop that was released in March 2010, marketed as the N150 Plus. The Samsung N150 Plus uses the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system with wifi capabilities.

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Do I have a defective battery and is it replaceable?

My battery won't hold a charge and I can only use my laptop if it's plugged in to the AC outlet. Can I replace the battery and where can I buy a replacement?

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First you need to determine if you have a defective battery or a bad outlet/charger. Check that your charge lights are on when your charger is plugged into your laptop. If your charge lights are not on and you computer shows no sign of powering on you could be using a faulty outlet or your charger is broken. Once you get your charge light to come along with your laptop but it only holds a charge for a short period or suddenly turns off then you could have a dead battery. For any further help on troubleshooting the battery here is a link to our troubleshooting page.

Since the battery can be replaced here is a link to a website where you can purchase a new battery

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Yes, the battery on the Samsung N150 Plus can be replaceable. I recommend seeing our troubleshooting page to make sure the battery is the main problem on your Samsung N150 Plus before buying and replacing a new battery to your laptop.

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