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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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No power after lighting strike

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TV has no power after a lighting struck near by our home. Could it be the G board damaged (power supply board)? Please give some advice.

Thank you,


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Hi, Just double checking, have you checked that the wall outlet is working?

Can you check to see if any components on the TV power board are damaged, i.e. if they look like they have been burnt or if some have been literally burnt off the board? If so post some pictures and perhaps they can be identified. What is the model number of your TV?

Also, a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted but perhaps investing in a surge protector power outlet board between the wall outlet and the TV will safeguard it (after it is fixed or you have to get a new one) in the future from a similar occurrence.


Hi Jayeff,

I checked the wall outlet and it was OK. The model was KDL-50R550A. I attach the board pic as well. Where can I buy the new board?




Mike, not sure where you attached the image of the board but use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante to attach images to your original question.


Hello all, I uploaded the image. Thanks - Mike.


Hi Jayeff, is there a safe way to bypass the fuse for testing? Thanks - Mike.


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Having a quick look there doesn't seem to be anything obvious.

Check the fuse with an Ohmmeter to see that it is alright. It is just above and to the right of its' designation of F610T. (see image) It seems as though it is a 250V slow blow fuse but unfortunately I cannot see its current rating. It may be stamped on the fuse itself.

Also, since you have the Ohmmeter out, check that the power cord from the TV is OK as well. With it disconnected from the wall outlet measure each conductor in the power cord from the TV to the plug to ensure continuity.

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OT03 is correct with the Sony part number he gave you, but your board has a part number of 1-888-308-11. They may be interchangeable but if you have to get a new board go for this number to be sure.

If you need to get one here is a link to just one supplier. Just Google the part number, nothing else, to get the supplier that suits you best.

Update (05/05/2016)

Hi Mike,

I would never recommend bypassing a fuse. It is there primarily to protect the equipment from further damage in the event of a fault, which would add to the expense of the repair. It also provides protection for the operator of the equipment (or user if you like) against electrocution, exploding components (rare but it can happen) or fire.

If you wish to test your board I suggest that if you haven't got the necessary equipment to do so, that you either invest, (or borrow if you can) in some gear like the following (cost all up, including fuses about $30- you may be able to find it even cheaper) which will allow you to do some basic static testing with the power removed or have a reputable professional repairman fix it for you.

1. DMM (Digital Multimeter) which has an Ohmmeter function,

2. Soldering iron

With these two basic tools you can remove one end of the fuse from the board with the iron and then test it with the Ohmmeter to check if it is OK.

If the fuse is blown then you can purchase some 250V 6.3A slow blow pigtail fuses, as replacements. I have selected this particular fuse on the basis that the value should be reasonable to see if the board is OK and not cause too much further damage if it blows immediately. After you replace the fuse and then apply the power, if the fuse blows straight away then there is obviously a fault. If it holds and the TV powers up and hopefully works properly but then blows later on perhaps it is not a high enough rating or there is still a fault somewhere else. The fuse rating should never exceed the rating of the power cord, which is probably 10A otherwise the cord would become the fuse for the unit. This would be dangerous.

If the original fuse is not blown then there is a fault further into the board or other boards in the TV which would have to be investigated.

Also you can test the power cord with the Ohmmeter. I have read that Sony has some products, (including some TV's) which have a proprietary power cord. These cords have a fuse inserted in the plug. Not saying that yours is one of them but it doesn't hurt to check. Do so with it disconnected from the power of course.

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Hello all, after replacing the new fuse, I turned the TV on and the fuse was burnt right away. it was lit up and gone. Is it something with the board or the fuse was strong enough? Thanks - Mike.


Hi, Usually on most fuses the rating is stamped on the end caps, e.g 12V 1.5A or 250V 6.3A. Check your original fuse and see if you can see it. Sometimes they are stamped on the body and when the fuses blows it it either erased or the body has disintegrated. Hopefully this is not the case with your fuse. Also check that your replacement fuses are stamped with the rating what you ordered. Mistakes have been known to happen.If you used the 6.3A rating it should have been strong enough. Looks like there is a problem on the board.


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@houstonian I'd check the power board for burnt fuses as well as blown caps. Once you post some images we can most likely assist you further. The replacement board has the Sony part number 1-474-496-11 and it is currently not available a my favorite supplier but it is available at places like and many more.

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Hi can you please issits me with my sony bravia there is no power I also tried to reset to see if it works but nothing no on ligts what can I do


brenda123.debeer what is the exact model? You checked the power outlet and the power cord? You have no light at all? No power LED?


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