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The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon is a smartphone with an Android operating system. The release date for the Pop Icon was October 2014. Model number: A564C.

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How do I turn off unnecessary apps?

My phone is dying extremely fast, and I was told to close out of apps that I wasn't using. How do I go about closing out of those?

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Head to settings

Select apps

Select All apps

Select the app you wish to disable

Select Disable

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Let the batter completely die. Continue to turn on even tho dead multiple times so there is no energy to show you its dead... Or dont use when you buy phone. Charge first befor use when new. Redo three times. The more time spent with first step of multiple attempts to turn on when dead. Better results. 3x min on first battery life and will see reults. Al so down time for phone. Off when sleep one a week..

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