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Connu sous le nom de ''PS2'', c'est une console de jeux vidéo de sixième génération sortie par Sony au Japon en Mars 2000. Elle sera disponible plus tard aux États-Unis dans l'année avec la SCPH-30000. La réparation de cet appareil ne nécessite que des outils communs, mais peut s'avérer compliquer.

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Realigning a new laser in SCPH-30001R

Hi Everyone,

I recently replaced the laser in a SCPH-30001R, and realigned the laser so that it could read discs. After I realigned it though, it would only play PS1 discs and blue PS2 discs. When I would try to test a silver PS2 disc or my laser cleaning disc, the drive would making buzzing noises. (Versus no buzzing at all with the PS1 and blue PS2.) Should I keep trying to align it, or I'm I missing something? The laser model is a KHS-400C, the same model that I found in the system before replacement. When I first installed the laser without any adjustment to the laser angle, the system would not load any discs.

On a side note, I have another SCPH-30001R, that takes longer than normal to load a disc. Is there anything I can do to improve the load time?

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@supportninja you can try to further adjust the laser and see if that will work. Of course it will also depend on how your are adjusting it. Take a look on here as well as the answer Disc is not spinning with a new laser PlayStation 2 for that. There were issues with the laser and the alignment on the PS2.

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I think I know what the problem is now - When I installed it, I am fairly certainly I screwed in the angle screw on the rod all the way. I'll give adjusting it a try and post the results.


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