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Is that problem with anti-glare layer on Retina screens still there?

Hello everybody!

I'm planning to buy a Macbook Pro 15'' (2015) MJLT2. But after I made a research about it I found a lot of negative responses about a problem with an anti-glare layers. It seems that this issue is peculiar to MBPr's from 2012 to 2014.

Some guys even created a website to show Apple how global that problem is:

So my question is: Is that problem with anti-glare layer on Retina screens still there, for Macbook Pro Retina (2015)? Or is it solved in the newest Macbooks, starting from 2015?

I would appreciate any help or tips. Thank you all in advance! :)

Best regards, Optimix

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I wonder if a tempered glass screen protector would alleviate this issue.


Thank you for the answer :)

Hmmm... maybe it's a good idea. Guys, anyone used some kind of slass protectors on Retina displays?


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short answer yes the problem is still around on 2015 models but apple are offering a free replacement screen on all affected models as long as it has been reported to apple within 3 years of purchase.

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Thank you for a prompt answer!

As I heared this Quality program from Apple will end on October, 2016. And it would be really bad to stuck with this problem in 6-7 months of using the Macbook Pro.

Darn... After your words I really don't know if it's a good idea of buying a Pro version :(


i would suggest contacting apple about the quality program as it shouldn't end so soon

but if you are buying new you should not get a faulty laptop as apple will have hopefully removed the faulty screen from production.


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