Le Samsung Galaxy S3 est un smartphone multi-touch, au format ardoise, capable de suivi oculaire, au stockage accru et avec une option de recharge sans fil.

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Trouble turning on, but will turn on eventually.

So I have an old S3 that I don't use any more because it was !#^&^$^ me off. I figured I'd practice some phone repairs on it.

Anyways, the phone won't boot up most of the time. I will push the power button and the samsung logo will pop up and then nothing. I take out the battery and keep trying until it finally boots up. also if I smack it against my palm it helps get it to boot. Is there a loose chip? bad power button? Is it a known issue? Let me know and thanks for your time.

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There are multiple causes for this:

- Bad battery.

- System Software is corrupt. Probably not in your case as you can get it to boot.

- Nand flash memory chip on logic board has gone loose.

Have seen the issue on a few Samsung Galaxy S3's but I will say it isn't a common issue.

Have you tried cleaning the charger port with a toothpick or something equivilant? It may help.


Have not tried cleaning the charge port, I don't think it's a bad battery.


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Bad power button. New one has to be micro-soldered on.

After Samsung logo comes on the power button circuit is stuck closed telling the device to turn off.

You can take motherboard out of device and check continuity with a multi-meter. Put leads on contacts located on the back of button and get a person to push the button. Be careful not to put the leads on the wrong place-gives a false reading. If the meter beeps (when button is depressed) and then stops when the button is released then the button is good. You need to do this a number of times because sometimes it is a intermittent problem.

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