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Modèle mi-2009 A1278 / Processeur Core 2 Duo 2.26 ou 2.53 GHz EMC 2326

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partialy working keyboard backlight: what to do?

I have happened to win an auction for macbook pro, 13" unibody, the mid 2009 2,29GHZ model. cost me equal 400USD. according to description, the thing was pronounced dead by two "accredited apple technicians". well, i gave it a bath in isopropyl alcohol, after a few days and a good clean of corroded conntacts, machine have started to system and is running stable and no problems...

first thing: apple technicians knows nothing.

second: only part of the keyboard is lit by backlight. is there any cure, apart from swapping the whole thing?

thank you, for giving me idea of curing waterdammaged computers with alcohol...

now, how can i stop drinking, when it is so helpfull...:D

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Being that this machine suffered water damage I would start by cleaning the ribbon cable and connector on the cable and logic board end first. That failing, I would say that the tiny lighting tubes might be damaged and that can only be fixed be replacing the topcase. It's not that Apple technicians dont know anything, it's just that they push for the most expensive repair possible. Hence the reason they almost always say everything is a "logic board issue". That was a good find for $400, even if you have to replace the keyboard, you are still good. Good Luck.

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thank you for advise. i think i just leave it, for the nwe owner. i have put it on ebay, lets see how much will i get for it. at the momen, i have too many computers, to keep them all. (A1150, A1151, A1278, Asus F3Jc and some old Mac Mini... you cannot use them all...)

i know i will find someone, who will buy them, at some point. better soon. im running out of cash to pay for new ones comming :D:D:D


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