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Repair and disassembly guides for Unbranded (sometimes written as UB) tablets that use the Windows operating system.

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Started "preparing automatic repair" then "diagnosing computer"help!

Turned on my unbranded tablet & got the "preparing for automatic repair" screen, then got a "diagnosing computer" screen, & finally a screen that says "your PC did not start correctly". I have the option to either restart or use advanced options. I have selected all the different options, except "reset" and with every option selected, for example, I get "there was a problem "refreshing" your PC. No changes were made.

I am so totally at a loss of words right now as I don't know why this happened. I shut down my tablet like normal & to see this set of screens pop up at me the next day was like huh? What the heck is going on? So Ive been researching for some kind of answer/fix & found your website. I hope you can help me figure out what has happened to my wonderful tablet. Thanks for your time!

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I see this a lot in my daily work but then again, we are a computer refurbisher so we typically reset the units back to factory settings. This would be your ideal scenario but if you don't want to lose your files, you could try some of the advanced options. You could try the "Startup Repair" option which may or may not fix your issue or the "System Restore" option. If these don't work, you could try the "Go back to the previous build" option and see if that helps. These last to options will require that a restore point has been made at some point during the life of the tablet. If all else fails, you may have to choose the "Reset this PC" option and restore the factory settings. It should give you the option to keep your files or remove everything but typically with this type of error, if you try the 'keep my files' option, it will still give you an error message. Hopefully this helps, best of luck with it!

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