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What is Auxilliary Input?

I have a Tivoli PAl radio and it suddenly has stopped working . a message saying 'Auxilliary input' comes up . What do I do please?

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It could be that the device thinks that something is plugged into its aux input socket (probably on the back).

You would use this socket to connect another device (say, a phone), so you could hear sound from that device through the speaker on your radio.

if nothing is plugged in, it may be that the radio is just faulty, and will need to be returned/repaired, but something to try is this: sometimes, jack sockets become 'sticky' - the contact inside doesn't return to the correct position when a plug is removed.

Get any 1/8" mini jack plug (like the one on a pair of earbuds), and insert it into and remove it from the aux socket several times.

Any improvement?

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