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Drivers for HP 2820h motherboard

Can anyone give me a verified link from where I can download the drivers for HP 2820h motherboard?

I goggled it but the links are full of viruses.


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@ssvirani you can download those from the HP website

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No actually the website is not accepting this model.

When I enter the serch engine this appears: Sorry, no results match your search for "HP 2820h"


That is because you are looking for the motherboard. You need to look at the computer it comes out of. It was amongst others used for the HP-Compaq dc5800 microtower, so those are the drivers you need to look for. The link will get you the right drivers.


Yes the link was helpful and I am downloading it from there.

Thanks alot @oldturkey03

One more question please: In the link you provided me I had to choose one version of Windows 7 from various versions given. I actually have Windows 7 Ultimate, but there was no such option for Windows 7 Ultimate. I chose Windows 7 Professional (32-bit).

Did I did the right thing?


Yes you did. it will work


Thanks alot @oldturkey03

i have installed all the drivers for the link you provided me (except the drivers that demanded I should insert HP CD and i don't have any CD) And I am noticing an improvment in my PC.

2 days back I isntalled a windows for the first time in my life. And today i learned that I should install the drivers as well after the windows installation.

But still I cannot achieve the maximum performance my PC used to have 2 days back before i installed the windows. CPU meter still shows 60 % at start up (after waiting for 5 minutes* to allow all the program to be loaded.)

2 days back I used to around 25%. even sometimes less than 25%

Is there anything else that should have been done that i forgot/ didn't know about. (Like the case was with the drivers thing.)


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