Datasheet or value of capacitor

I think the title already explains it..

I have a gigabyte AMD card laying around that doesn't work. After close examination I found that there is one completely broken capacitor(cracked, i think by bump)... I think it's C2016. If anybody knows the value he would be very helpful!

Here is the photo:

it's a Gigabyte GV-R9285WF2OC-2GD



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Don't know what to tell you as I would not try to re solder that...


For me soldering is not a problem....


Why not try to solder a replacement component on? Would be a waste of a Gigabyte Geforce AMD R9 285.

Not really sure where to get that part. I'll do some searching later.


I just did! BUT it didn't work (I used a 2uF cap)


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