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Model A1419 / EMC 2806 / Late 2014 or Mid 2015. 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 (ID iMac15,1); EMC 2834 late 2015 / 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 (iMac17,1) All with Retina 5K displays

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MK472 cpu replacement i5 6500 to 6700k


I bought my first imac about 2 months ago. It's equipped with i5 6500, and frankly it's a bit weak for my work.

I heard few people mentioning it's possible to replace CPU on late 2015 imac 5k

Just wondering, as my imac is not the most expensive model, would it have a same logic board and cpu socket so I can replace it to 6700k?

Thanks for the help guyz

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First you'll lose your warranty unless Apple or an ASP does the work. Please tell us you RAM configuration your storage situation, how full the drive is and what seems to slow you down (apps). Also do a force quit and see how many programs may be running in the background ( command, option, escape).


Thank you very much guys for the answers! I already upgraded ram to 24gb and running 256gb internal ssd with it which I did CTO before I bought it.

Loosing warranty is very scary but if it's possible to replace for sure, I probably will replace it.

Like 'DeathOnRedBull' said, I'm worried if Apple dropped socket on a lower-end model, therefore I cannot replace cpu on mine. Maybe I should thinking about other alternatives...


The only other choice other than doing something externally, is to sell your system and get a system which has the higher end CPU & Storage. You may want to consider a Mac Pro system instead, it is a lot easier to upgrade its internals than the newer iMac's.


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While you can upgrade the CPU in this system (based on the choices Apple offers). I do wonder if that is the best direction to gain better performance.

I suspect you got the base model with just the 1 TB HD or the Fusion Drive model with the added 128 GB PCIe SSD. Both of these model's still struggle with RAM and storage as a bottleneck as they are not quite large enough when you are trying to do deep graphics or video work.

I would recommend you first upgrade your RAM, then look at getting an external Thunderbolt 2 RAID drive with SSD's. Then setup your system so the external drive is your boot drive. I think you'll find your system will fly then!

If you are still aiming for upgrading the CPU double check if this model has a socketed CPU. It was rumored Apple had dropped the socket on the low end model so becareful here as you wouldn't want to teardown your system only to discover you couldn't upgrade the chip. The next thing here is be very careful in removing the display assembly, it's quite easy to damage it which would be a very expensive mistake! This is also quite a big job besides. Review this IFIXIT guide before attempting: iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Logic Board Replacement

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Hi Timothy,

Both the i5-6500 and the i5-6700 are of the socket FCLGA1151 form factor, so theoretically, the upgrade should work.

I say 'theoretically', because while on a standard x64 motherboard, running Windows or Linux, it most definitely would be fine.

However, Apple make it their business to wilfully prevent as many consumer upgrades and repairs as is humanly possible. For example, they have started soldering SSD drives onto motherboards, and in some cases, RAM. It would not surprise me at all if this had been prevented, but if you've read that it is, you may be ok with it.

To clarify, the problem (if indeed there is one) isn't generically a hardware compatibility one - it's whether Apple have, on purpose, prevented CPU replacement. Focus your investigations in this area.

Sorry that's not comprehensive, but I hope it helps you look for the relevant info.

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