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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Locked iPod Touch 2nd generation with broken touch screen

I have a locked IPod Touch 2nd gen with a broken touch screen. There are some pictures on it I want, is there any way to access them from a computer without unlocking it or unlock the iPod without using the touch screen? Any help is appreciated.

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Does it belong to you? Do you have the computer it was synced to? What kind of lock is showing?


Yes it belongs to me, I know the passcode. The computer it was synced to was fried a couple years ago. It's just the basic swipe and enter passcode lock but I can't swipe because it's broken.


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Hi Jake,

Plug it in to a trusted computer. If thats not available you'll have to replace the screen and unlock it in order to retrieve your data.


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I was going to replace the screen but the headphone jack is damaged as well and that can't be replaced so I'm not going to waste the money.


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