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Mower cuts out when I pull arms in to go àny where

When i start the mower and try and stary mowing it cuts out

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Wow, Not only is this cryptic but what do you mean by pulling arms in. Many mowers require the operator to hold a latch or lever for the mower to continue running. If you take you hand off of the lever or handle the mower is supposed to turn off.


Brian...On Zero Turns, You pull in the arms to


@fred1 what exact model is your mower?


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This is most likely a safety switch issue. Usually the seat safety switch will cause this problem. The mower dies because it thinks nobody is sitting in the seat, and shuts off for safety reasons. I have read this mower also has issues with the rollover safety switch (shuts off mower if it thinks it has rolled over).

Check out this forum for more information:

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