Keyboard / Logic board issue

Hey guys,

I've got a 2008 MacBook with some keys that are not working. Weirdly they are not in the same area. Namely left shift, the plus button, two of the arrow keys and the volume up button. Also the ö ( it's a German keyboard layout). I bought it in this condition without noticing a few years ago, Shame on me... already switched out the keyboard itself, which didn't help.

Now the question, where on the logic board could this issue be? Could this be the keyboard connector and is it possible to replace or repair it? I resoldered some components on another MacBook but I can't figure out which parts are faulty on this one. I could post pictures as well but I'm fairly sure that there is nothing unusual to notice.

Thanks in advance

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What happens with an external USB keyboard?


Good question, didn't think of that. Bluetooth keyboards work including all keys. USB would therefore work as well, wouldn't it? I don't have one right now, could test with one on Tuesday if necessary.


Also forgot to say that I remember it not working with boot camp, so it's definitely not a software issue.


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