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Black line down the middle of the screen

My Samsung 48 inch TV screen has a black line going down the middle of it.How can I fix it

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I have a samsung 50" model #PN50C430 and i have one line vert and one hor i just wonder if you new what was causing this


wadegoulding those are commonly caused by TAB errors. If you take some picture and post those with a separate question we can probably ashow you a bit more


Hi I have a 55" Samsung smart 3d tv. There is a thin black time just down from the centre of screen. It runs from left to right. What is causing this


So I have a 55 in hdr tcl. And I left my PS4 under the tv and I guess the magnets in it left a black lil hole at the bottom of my tv and now there’s a black line showed on it. Is my tv destroyed or is there a solution


i have a 55 inch curved tv. i have a black line going down the middle that colored lines in the black,what is this caused from.


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jamesfry817 sounds like a TAB error on your LCD. Put some pressure on the tabs on top of the LCD where the line is and see if pressure on that changes it. It might help if you post an image of what you see with your question. That way we could see what you are dealing with. Use this guide for that. The TABS are at the end of where the little ribbon cables, that go from the LCD controller board, into the LCD panel.

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How do u fix tab error


@lightbeauty a TAB error is very difficult to fix for a DIY'er. This is where the ribbon cables enter the actually LCD. Those cables are bonded (to the panel. If that bond fails your cable no longer makes contact with the LCD panel. Sometimes some electrical tape or even duct tape may exert enough pressure to close that connection. If that does not work then there is not a lot one can do to fix it. This will of course depend on where it failed, how much has failed etc.


I have the same issue with a black line in the center of my screen


james schoener most likely the same issue.


This seems ro be happening to all curve samsung big screen tvs. Including mine and it is new out of the box. Why isnt this a manufactors recall?


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Mine is a UE49KU667OU 49" Curve. My line is vertical just right of the middle and another fainter one on the right side. I get a funny feeling it's at worst the led strip, or dust/bug on a led. I can see the whole picture still but it's just dark vertically in 2 place on the right side

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