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Replacing the wifi antenna


I have a problem with my MacBook pro Unibody mid-2012 (model # A1286).

The wires between the wifi card and the antennas are cut.

Questions :

- Where can I find the spare part (antenna + wires I assume) ? If possible with a delivery to France not too expensive

- Is there a tutorial that detail the antenna unmount (I can't find one)

Of course, I already did some searches but I am not lucky for now on...

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You'll need to follow this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Display Replacement. Once you get the display assembly off you'll need to slide the clutch cover off and there you'll find the antenna board.

The part you want is this: 15” Macbook Pro Antenna assembly, Apple P/N 661-5847

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I already followed this tutorial. I saw the part you are reffering to but it is out of stock for the mid 2012 Macbook Pro model I have... :(

Thanks anyway for your answer.


Don't give up! There are other suppliers than PowerBook Medic. Search the web use this"Apple 922-8782" I got over 30 listings! Just be careful that they offer a return policy and use a credit card that offers purchase protection as well.


I found this one which seems to be the good one (3 wires for antenna instead of 2 in most of the antennas I found searching for Apple 922-8782).

Do you think it is compatible with my Macbook Pro ?


For the Mid-2012 A1286, i found the correct antenna assembly on eBay. Search for this part number:818-2020 it has all the right pieces - the parts i found on other websites that (say out of stock until forever) look incorrect. The antenna requires FOUR connections. Three of which are the 802.11n wifi. I suspect the other is for bluetooth.

Then comes some of the 818-2020 units also have the iSight cable embedded in the insulated tubing. I personally really DO NOT want to compromise my otherwise beautiful screen.


Well almost...

Yes, your Airport board has four antenna's. But the Bluetooth antenna is not held within the lid its held within the upper case just under the optical drive {Apple P/N 661-5854 Bluetooth Antenna Bd.} Here's a picture where you can see it: Bluetooth antenna. So the P/N I offered is correct for just the WiFi cables (3). The part you have listed here is the cable sub-assembly. That also works! You'll need to cut away the iSight cable as you don't need to replace it if you only need the WiFi antenna's.


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How were you all able to diagnose this issue, I’ve got the no WiFi hardware installed issue, I’ve replaced the whole I/O board and WiFi chip and still no dice...

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How about creating a fresh question with all of your details.


Dan you seem to know your stuff. I, on the other hand, do not. However, I am willing to investigate, learn, and fix on my own. I have a mid 2012 MacBook Pro that no longer wants to connect to my wifi. I have to be within a few feet of my router for it to pickup wifi. So literally sit within 3/4 feet of it. If I move away it loses connection. If I am farther away and search for my network, I get nothing. Cannot find network. My other Mac works fine. My other computers are fine. No connectivity problems. I posted in a Facebook MacBook group and it was suggested that the wifi antenna and to look in ifixit to remove the cover snd get at the wires inside the black clutch cover. Before I go ahead I figured I’d post here and give you my scenario. -rob


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