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My Wire is cut in half, what to do?

So the charger of my phone (the wire) was cut in half and im seeing two wires inside. One black one white. I peeled the cover of black , connected it and covered it with electrical tape and i peeled the white and do the same thing. Now they are like separated again and then i covered both with electrical tape so it won't look bad. It was weak and I was like kept doing it. Is it right? Or i should go somewhere to let them fix it. Im just afraid that Im not doing it right, im just 17 i don't know what im doing hahaha help please

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If you have a soldering iron , flux and solder, plus heat shrink, YES you can repair this but be careful and take your time

Depending on where the break in the lead is you can replace the plug. Go to an electronics store and ask them for a replacement and solder it at the plug but as I said be careful

If you have all the tools then it is not a big job. but SAFTEY SAFTEY SAFTEY

But if you do not then Buy a new one


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thank you, my dad has the tools :) and the wire was long and it was cut like in the middle


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There are always replacement chargers being sold in phone stores. Go to one and get the replacement one for your phone.

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but can I still use this? I mean, is repair possible?


Is possible but electrically unsafe, and very prone to break again.


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