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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 4,7 pouces est une version plus petite de l'iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiables par les numéros de modèle A1549, A1586, et A1589.

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Stuck in Boot Loop after Left in Sun

I had a customer bring me an iPhone 6 that they said was left out in the sun for an extended period of time. They said it wouldn't turn on, all it did was flash the Apple boot screen for about 5 seconds, then went to a red screen, reboot, and so on.... My firt thought was something was wrong with the front camera assembly, since it causes this kind of behavior, but when the phone was brought to me, it looked as if the red screen was replaced by miscellaneous shades of grey.

I'm lost on what is causing this to occur. I've tried a new charing port assembly, new battery, new screen assembly, and changing out antennas (all with know working ones from a test phone), and it is still exhibiting this behavior. The phone has had no prior repair work, there is no evidence of liquid damage anywhere on the board (no corrosion and all sensors are white). It cannot be incorrect screw lengths going into the LCD connector plate, as I haven't reattached that (and have never made that mistake before... fingers crossed).

What is strange is the screens it goes to after the Apple boot screen. They are random patterns, from uniform grey, to black with random lines on it. I have attached pictures. If anyone has seen this before, or may have a clue as to what could be wrong, any help is appreciated.



Apple Logo....

Block Image

Sometimes light grey screen with stripes follows then fades out....

Block Image

Sometimes dark grey screen with strange irregular lines....

Block Image

Update: It now will go into DFU mode on every restart, however, if I try to restore or update, the phone shows the loading bar, then disconnects from the computer and stops the process. Not sure what this means, but I'm still trying to figure it out.

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You mentioned that the device had been left in the sun right?

Obviously this is just my perspective on the problem, but something I have noticed a lot in my experience repairing and working with electronics is that BGA packages (the kind of chip the CPU /SOC is) is usually quite sensitive to extreme temperatures, and in fact, I have an AirPort Extreme (802.11ac) which seems to have suffered a thermally related failure.

Usually in this situation I am inclined to speculate that possibly some of the soldered connections under the processor have cracked or seperated, causing intermittent operation and the graphical distortion you're noticing. Usually it is quite difficult to resolve these issues and a motherboard replacement may become necessary at some point, although if you have tried everything else first, maybe hit it with a heat gun and do a bit of a 'reflow' on it to see if anything changes. Not that this would be a permanent solution, but it might work if you're lucky for a little while.

Before you assume it is that, perhaps check all your voltages one more time to make sure they're good, the battery of course, and pay close attention to the power management circuit. But given the nature of the display distortion, I am inclined to think it's a CPU/SOC oriented issue.

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