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The ZTE Speed is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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My phone won't power on, top left light is red

Why won't my phone power on?

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My ZTE speed used to always do this, its either a dead screen, or a booting problem what I did was hold the down volume notch (aka the bottom) with the home button I held down until I heard the second beep aka the second power on screen came on, you will see a screen with an android logo in the back with a whole bunch of commands (Can use the up or down volume rockers to move, press the upper part on the rocker for up and down on the rocker for down and the power button to submit a command) you will need to factory reset your phone (once you do this you will need to hit the power button over the area that says “reboot system now” If this works then Yw if this does not work you may need to buy a new phone or take it to someone hope this helps! (mind you if nothing shows and you still see the red light you probably have a dead screen that needs a replacement)

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