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La 5e génération du téléphone intelligent Galaxy basé sur Android de Samsung fut lancée le 11 avril 2014. Les améliorations apportées au téléphone incluent un lecteur d'empreinte digitale, une caméra améliorée, un plus grand écran et la résistance à l'eau. Il est disponible en 4 couleurs différentes; noir, bleu, blanc et cuivre.

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Trying to recover data.

Soooo. My s5 screen is broke and blacked out. I plugged it up to to the computer to try to do a Samsung smart switch. for some reason it wont turn back on. I know its not the battery. When I plug it up to the computer it just says Samsung android not my name on the phone. I am just trying to recover my data. What can I do?

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Try to restart your Samsung device

This is the simplest or even the only action that you are supposed to undertake to refresh your phone. Please press your Samsung's Power button for approximately 30 seconds, until your device restarts itself.

If the above coping strategy does not work, maybe you should not do any further operations, just in case of causing more bothers. What you need to do is using third party tool to extract data from the abnormal device before sending it to repair store.


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4 solutions

log onto your google + make sure the phone is on .. then choose "back up" your device

options in google + website there should be all your devices connected to that account.

only works if you used the sync options in your phone!

worth a try

good luck


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If you lost data from your android phone,

the first thing, check out the backup, whether you have synced the data to Gmail account, or saved on your pc.

Then, you should never add more data to your phone after data loss, cuz they can take up more space, the lost data will be overwritten.

Last thing, you can try recovery methods, you can also try professional data recovery programs: samsung galaxy data recovery

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Have you tried to unplug the phone Micro SD card and connected it to your PC?

How does this Samsung phone memory card show on your PC?

Honestly, no matter whether it is inaccessible or unreadable there, you can go try Samsung phone data recovery freeware to retrieve data from corrupted Samsung Galaxy phone memory card.

Of course, if this phone memory card stops working completely and could not be detected by any device, it must fail somehow and go take it to local data recovery companies for helps.

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Hello, to recover your data, you need a third-party Samsung data recovery software, you can try Bitwar, an efficient and easy-to-use software. Hope it can help you.

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