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Ipad Mini 7,9" avec 16,32 ou 64 Go de stockage.

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How do I move the button assembly to the new glass?

I am repairing a digitizer glass assembly and I noticed that the entire home button flex cable and hardware need to be moved to the new glass from the old. I don't see where the flex cable connects for communication. How does this button work and how do we move it?

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Can you tell me what the correct part number is from ifixit?


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there are 2 different types of ipad mini digitizers.

there is one that comes with the home button pre attached and pre soldered.

There is one that does not come with the home button, this one need to be desoldered from the old digitizer and resoldered to the new one, if you haven't had experience doing connector soldering or micro soldering before then you would be better off sending it back for a refund and getting the one with the home button pre soldered.

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