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Le Moto G4 Plus est une version améliorée du Moto G4. Il inclut un lecteur d'empreintes digitales, une mémoire à meilleure capacité et une caméra arrière perfectionnée. Numéros de modèle XT1642 et XT1644.

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Earphone jack not working

I have bought moto g4. And after some time i came across with the problem of earphone jack. when i plug in chords only one right side of earphone works then i concerned with moto service then the issue was solved. but after some time now again the issue arised so plzz answer me what to do i am tired of seeking moto service

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2 solutions

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Here are some potential solutions:

1. Make sure that your headphones are properly plugged in. Try blowing gently into the port to make sure nothing is stuck in it.

2. Try a simple restart by holding down the Power button for 10 seconds or so, or until the Moto G4 goes off and comes back to life.

3. Make sure that you test your headphones with another device and test different headphones with your Moto G4. Quite a few people report that some headphones work and others simply don’t.

4. A third-party app could be causing your problem. Press the Power key, then tap and hold on Power off and tap OK when Reboot to safe mode appears. The Moto G4 will reboot and you should see Safe Mode in the bottom-left corner. If your headphones work properly, then a third-party app is probably to blame for your problem. You can simply restart the phone to get out of safe mode. Try uninstalling apps one by one, starting with anything that has an obvious audio component. Restart your phone after each uninstall and test to see if the problem is resolved.

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Hope the above solutions would help you.


Hey i am facing the problem wd my brand new moto 5 plus phone's earphone jack. it is not working.. in start i am able to hear music but in between music get stopped.. also sometimes cords are not getting connected.. i have tried it with different earphones then too still it is not working.. i have purchased the phone around 15 days ago. So please could you replace this phone and get me new cellphone..



In safe mode ,yes..both ends of earphones work which does mean some 3rd party app has the issue.But those 3rd party app were working fine till few days back. So is the issue with any such updates.I am not sure.


I did these things, should I try replacing the audio jack


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please uninstall the sound related third party app and then power off your device and turn off....this worked out for me...guys please try this if u have the problem of any one side of the all the ear phones are not working when you connected to moto g4 plus....

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Can you give some examples of such apps? I know its related to 3rd party apps but cannot make out which apps might be responsible.


do Google -play music , play movies is also a third party app ?


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