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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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Power switch isn't working?


My Acer laptop isn't working anymore. When I press the power button, nothing happens. I looked inside the laptop and saw nothing strange on the power switch, also not on the flex. When I 'short' the connections from the power flex, the fan is working and the hdd runs; but nothing on the screen. After a few seconds is turns off. Could it be the power switch or is it something else?

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Thanks in advance!

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Try taking it to a computer repair shop.


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sounds like there is more going on..

I had the same problem, turns out there was a ram problem to... it had a short circuit and fried the ram.

if the fan starts, there is power. maybe not enough, you ll have to check that. ( measure it out if possible)

than check with new ram.

if still not working :

check with an extern monitor.

Check the flat cable and connection from mainboard to screen.

it is possible the chip on the graphic card is fried..

I was thinking on a dead motherboard , but the fan starts ... so i think more in the other components..

Let us know,

Kind regards


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