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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone noted for its combination of a large display and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus.

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overheat issue when plugged in and battery removed

my Note 2 (n7100) has an overheat issue. It overheats when in use (battery inserted, whether charging or not charging). However, i discovered that, after a precautionary removal of the battery, it also overheats if i keep it plugged in to a charger (battery removed).

Does this point to a fault within the charging circuit? Could this potentially be fixed by replacing the USB board?

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Has this phone ever got wet?


no... no pool dives, no beach dives... no rain. Been reasonably careful and fairly fortunate about that. Back in Sept / Oct of last year i did drop it and cracked the LCD. I purchased an original replacement part and had it installed near Christmas... worked like a charm. Now, 6 months later, suddenly started overheating. Destroyed 1 battery due to the heat. What puzzles me is that it continues to stay really, really hot (very uncomfortable to touch) near the speaker area (back side as well as on the side of the display), when the battery is removed and the charging cable is plugged in. I know there's no point in charging the phone without the battery, as the phone doesn't even power up, but i wanted to see if it was a bad battery that was causing the overheating. Surprised i was when i saw that 15-20 minutes later, no battery and the phone was still really hot. Only way to cool it down was to unplug cable.


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Hello Walter Stocker ,

As you explained in the question I guess the fault occur from power management module. Replacing USB interface doesn’t make sense & won’t fix the heating issue. If you have good BGA reworking skills you can replace the PM ic which cost less than 10 USD

Chip function : Main power management module

Chip ID : MAX77686

Can get the chip from donor board : yes : i9300 (Samsung galaxy S3) also having same chip

Where can buy : parts 4 repair ebay aliexpress


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thank you very much for your explanation.

i will likely have to get a replacement board, then. i am not skilled with soldering and changing components of that type.


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