Can't charge with Qi and wall adapters.

I was having a couple of problems and deiced to try and fix today and ended up with a bigger mess. I ended up re-seating some of the cables and tightening the micro USB port. After a couple of tries, everything seemed good as new. When I had everything closed up, I hooked it back you the normal charger. It wasn't charging, but since I had a problem before with a loose cable, so I tried to find as sweet spot. Nothing. So I figured I really messed it up, so I pulled out the Qi charger cause I read it bypassed the USB charging. The Qi charger lights up for a second like it's making a connection, but immediately turns off.

Now in panic mode I've tested basically every combo of cable and charger I have. I have found that it will charge with the USB port on my Xbox 360 as well as making a connection with my PC. Considering what I use my tablet mainly for, this really isn't a convenient setup. Any ideas on what the problem could be or ideas on ways of testing and narrowing down what it might be? I'm guessing I'm looking at the daughter board, but I don't want to pick up a replacement only to find out it was just something else.

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when you plug it into the usb charger, how many amps does it draw. check with a multimeter


also clean the contacts to the qi charger pad inside the tablet with alcohol


Thanks for responding!

Not sure how to check with a multimeter, but using the Ampere app it shows I'm probably loosing amps somewhere. I'm not even close to what I'd expect for a full charge. I was able to get a 2A wall charger to work, but it's jumping between 600mA and 850mA. The Xbox and the PC are much lower. (Xbox is around 200mA and the PC is at like 100mA) Qi charging does work as long as the input is one of the higher sources. Even this though shows a lot less than would be expected. (I get like an average of like 60mA charge if using the Xbox as a source)


Does the tablet charge when it is turned off?


No real difference whether it's on or off. The Xbox 360 and the PC will charge it, but the wall units I used to charge it with still wont.


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