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Released in 2012, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T is a 11.6", Windows-based Samsung tablet computer with 1366x768 pixel LCD, 64GB of storage capacity, and a processor capable of running up to 1.8 GHz.

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Where is the hard drive

what does a sumsung ativ 500 t hard drive look like and where is it located?

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Light browsing for this i found no replacement harddrive. And looking at the backplate disassembly and battery replacement here on iFixit, I can't for the life of me imagine where you'd fit a normal ssd drive in there, making me believe it has an eMMC drive. As in on a chip, like on a phone.

Found some usefull information about eMMC on How To Geek.

Not an expert here and would happily be proven wrong.

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Thanks David, after reading what you said and had another look around i found the emmc chip under the silver plate. I think i am going to have to send it away to get the data off as my screen smashed , discoloured and i can not log in.


Did that work for you @Nicky ? I also need my data !

Is there any methods and ways I can learn how to extract it?


how do i remove the silver plate?


@urban_potat does not look like anybody is going to see your comment on this 6 year old question. Same device? Same question? How to remove the shield under which the eMMC drive is located?


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I had this problem owing to a windows update, to re-start I held down the volume switch and at the same time held down the on button this gives a menu with several options. I chose to use the recovery option and the tablet rebooted as normal.

Hope this helps

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Hey @badgerfromhell - You could use a mini-HDMI cable to connect to a display with HDMI, because the ATIV Smart PC does have a mini-HDMI display port.

Good luck!

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