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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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My Samsung Galaxy S II not turning on

My Samsung galaxy S2 not charging, not turning on , even with a new btry.

It happened a couple of weeks ago too. I noticed when btry was totally deplete it was not even showing any sign of charging or connected to power supply as would normally do. But after few minutes it came to life and started charging extremely slow. After that I too care not to let it totally deplete and it really helped.

Couple of days ago it got depleted middle of night and I noticed in the morning that it was off. Ever since it is not turing on. not showing any sign when connected to charger.

I have tried

A. Take btry out and insert again. Did not work

B. Tried different charger Did not work

C. Took to Samsung service. ( The warranty period is over). They tried with new btry. It did not work. The staff told me it is probably usb Port not working and I should try to charge btry with Dock charger and it will work that way ( by inserting a charged btry)


C. Tried another btry, at a repair shop . Did not work.

So it means that it is not the problem of charging port ? as it did not work with a charged btry also ( although I am not sure that the newly unpacked btry was fully charged or not)

D. The repair shop staff told also that it could be charging port ... But that may or may not be the case. ( Spending on Port repair was not recommended as solution) . Only finding out the problem by samsung service costs 79 Euro. Let alone repair.

I have googled and it seemed many people face this problem

Any suggestions??


Update (07/05/2016)

Hi Jamsheer Kp , thanks a lot

but how do I replace the pmic?

Looked up some youtube videos but it does not help

May be if I could find a post where it is explained with close up shots explaining details


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Dear friend after reading your question i can understand the power management ic got burned,

so you must replace power management ic

only after replace the power management ic, you can check other part of mobile,

good luck my friend

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I am sorry to hear that, if your phone still cannot turn on, I suggest you use FoneLab Android Data Recovery program to help you recover lost files from your device even when it is turned off.

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