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How to get water out from under backlight.

I have an iPhone 6S. My life proof case leaked, and there is water in my backlight. I opened it up and got the water out, there is just water stuck in the backlight. Is there any way to get this out? I would not want to replace the screen since I have Apple Care Plus, and it would be cheaper to go that route. Please help.

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I assume you mean 'I do NOT have Applecare'? It is annoyingly expensive but often worth it for mobile devices as you have found out.

Anyway, you are lucky the phone is still working. I would follow an fixit guide to take the case apart, remove the larger components and let it dry out naturally for a longer period, but another old trick is to put it in a container of rice and leave it there for several days where the rice will gently absorb moisture.

A Canon EOS camera of ours was completely(though briefly) submerged last year, but came completely back to life after a couple of weeks 'in the rice'.

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I meant that I can get it replaces by apple for 100 bucks. I don't want to do this because the only problem is that there is water in the backlight, and I want to try to get that out before paying the 100 bucks.


I'm pretty sure opening your phone is going to void your warranty as I'm sure apple has implemented anti-tamper indicator measures on their phones.


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