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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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After a pop, no heating, but all else works. Repair or replace?

After kicking on my over the range GE Spacemaker (circa 2002) microwave/fan, there was a pop, maybe a slight flash of light (seen in my peripheral vision), and a slightly louder hum. The control panel works, the internal light comes on (door open, operation), the turntable spins, but nothing heats. I'm guessing magnatron, or the power to it, or ... control board, if that switches it on?

The fuse above the control panel is intact and working, I don't dare test the HV capacitor in there. But what's the most likely culprit? I've read the magnatrons don't go bad generally, and I imagine it would make a louder pop.

It was installed with the new townhome, so like most other builder-supplied appliances, it's nothing fancy. I've enjoyed replacing things here and there as they age, including the dishwasher (2010), disposer (2015), faucets (2015, 2016) with better components. This and the range are on the list. So short of rolling up sleeves and taking my life into my own hands (microwave ovens have some high voltage components, not a recommended repair for an amateur), is there an obvious component or voltage to check on the control board, or is it simpler to just replace? Anyone know what control boards for these cost?

Modem JVM1631BB, manufactured August 2001.

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After running it at 20% and 50% for a minute or two, I heard the louder humming cycling on and off, so clearly something in the control was trying to cycle the magnatron...? Perhaps the HV cap had gone bad, or something in the control I smelled a very faint electronics burning from the area of the control, so that's what I suspect. This may be corroborated by the fact I heard a pop from the front right of the oven.

At any rate, some July 4th sales of new units gave me the opportunity to get a CR top-rated unit (convection/microwave oven, much quieter) for as much as 20% or 30% off the original price, and finance for free for 12 - 18 months. As others have pointed out, sometimes it's just best to replace a defective unit with one boasting far more features and flexibility.

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