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Ran over it with wheelchair

Shattered about an inch of the upper right hand corner of the screen & one long thin crack across the entire screen. It still turns on & goes to the start page but does not respond to touch at all. Have not tried keyboard was afraid to tip it thinking all its' inners would fall out. Also it will power down to the point the 'power off' popup comes up but again touch doesn't work. It does turn itself off at the designated time, so it seems it's not totaled. The only thing I've done is take out all the tiny screws, I couldn't get the back off easily & didn't want to force it. Any efforts to help are certainly welcome, I truly need it. Thank you

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Here's a video on how to replace the digitizer:

Here is a source for the part:

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If there is a way to change keyboard settings it will probably either been in the control panel under devices or accessibilities. Look up how to turn on/off "Sticky keys" in your version of whatever OS you are using

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It sounds like the touch screen digitizer has been damaged. Not sure if for this device you can replace just the touch part or you have to replace the LCD/touchScreen all in one piece but it sounds like if you get the screen replaced it should be good as new. Also the innards won't fall out so connect it to the keyboard. If the keyboard and mouse still work the you can either not use the touch screen or just get the screen repaired

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